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Our hops

2023 Price-list (pdf to download)

Consult our varieties of hop, 2023 analysis, price & more: 2023 Price-list.pdf (french)

2022 Price-list (pdf to download)

Consult our varieties of hop, 2022 analysis, price & more: 2022 Price-list.pdf (french)

Old-fashioned hops available!

Local and carefully crafted beer should come from hops grown in the heart of Quebec. We exceed the expectations of Canada’s master brewers.

There are few producers in Quebec and even in Canada who can say they grow quality hops, and in sufficient quantity for brewing needs, never mind large quantities. This is where Houblon des Jarrets Noirs stands out. Once we reach full capacity, we will be able to supply over 20 000 kg of hops per year.

What makes Houblon des Jarrets Noirs hops different? The balance between quality and quantity. To get the best results, we had a licensed agronomist, Julien Venne, test the quality of our soil.

Venne had no doubt that we had the ideal conditions for growing hops on our farm, in addition to the necessary skills and resources for success.

Not only did we receive all the advice we needed to best grow hops, we applied everything we learned to maximize the plantation’s development. No detail was spared. Our goal is not to grow hops simply because we enjoy beer, we want to do it because we have all the key elements for this crop’s success.

We followed, and continue to follow, Venne’s recommendations to the letter. This has enabled us to grow several variety of hops in our fields. From bittering to aroma varieties, we have the hops you need!


Our production is pelletized, flushed with nitrogen and vacuum sealed. It is then kept in cold storage at near freezing temperatures.

Discount based on annual volume
  • 500 kg & more : $5/kg discount
  • 400 to 499 kg : $4/kg discount
  • 300 to 399 kg : $3/kg discount
  • 200 to 299 kg : $2/kg discount
  • 100 to 199 kg : $1/kg discount
  • 0 to 99 kg : Regular price
  • $1/kg for orders of 20 kg & more.
  • $2/kg for orders of less than 20 kg.
Special orders

To answer the demands of our master brewers, we also offer our hops:

  • fresh for your harvest ale
  • 1 kg packages of sheets
  • 1 oz packages of sheets for your casks
Free samples

Try our varieties of hops. Ask for free samples.


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